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  • Flisser, Ana (American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2006)
  • Flisser, A (Parasitology International, 2006)
    This review analyzes the literature in search of an answer to the fact that, in general, tapeworms are very difficult to recover. The results and comments of the authors that have searched for Taenia solium, either to ...
  • Martinez-Hernandez, Fernando; Emiliano Jimenez-González, Diego; Martinez-Flores, Arony; Villalobos-Castillejos, Guiehdani; Vaughan, Gilberto; Kawa-Karasik, Simon; Flisser, Ana; Maravilla, Pablo; Romero-Valdovinos, Mirza (Virology Journal, 2010)
    Viral population evolution dynamics of influenza A is crucial for surveillance and control. In this paper we analyzed viral genetic features during the recent pandemic caused by the new influenza human virus A H1N1, using ...
  • Plancarte, A; Flisser, A; Gauci, CG; Lightowlers, MW (International Journal for Parasitology, 1999)
    Pigs were immunised with antigens derived from Taenia solium oncospheres or with a pool of three recombinant antigens from Taenia ovis, and subsequently challenged with T. solium eggs, The native oncosphere antigens induced ...
  • Flisser, A; Lightowlers, MW (Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, 2001)
    Taenia solium is a parasite that causes human cysticercosis. Its life cycle includes the adult stage, the egg and the larval stage. Human cysticercosis is a disease related to underdevelopment, the main clinical manifestation ...

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