Antimicrobial peptides (Temporin A and Iseganan IB-367): Effect on the cysticerci of Taenia crassiceps

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Show simple item record Landa, A Willms, K Lara-Martínez, R Jiménez-García, LF Robert, L Cirioni, O Baranska-Rybak, W Kamysz, W Jiménez-García, LF 2011-01-22T10:25:54Z 2011-01-22T10:25:54Z 2009
dc.identifier.issn 1666851
dc.description.abstract Taenia solium infections continue being a health problem in undeveloped countries, and few effective control measures against this. parasite are being applied. Antimicrobial peptides (AMPS) belong to the innate immune response and capable of destroying pathogens. We tested the ability of two AMPS, Temporin A (TA) and Iseganan IB-367 (IB-367) to damage T. crassiceps cysticerci in vitro. Doses of 200 and 400 mu g/ml of TA and IB-367 caused cysticerci to shrink, lose motility, the formation of macrovesicles in the tegument, as well as decreased evagination properties. These changes were observed as early as 3-6 h and became more pronounced over 24 h, when the morphological changes of the bladders became evident by both light and electron microscopy. Electron micrographs of cysticerci exposed to peptides showed initial changes as collapsed microvesicles in the tegument, with formation of large vesicles and extrusion of tegumentary tissues into the surrounding media, which led to complete loss of the tegument as well as shrinkage and complete loss of structure of parenchymal tissue after 24 h. Peptides administered to cysticercotic mice one month post-infection in a single intraperitoneal dose of 200 or 400 mu g, reduced the parasite load by 25% for IB-367, and 50% for TA. The humoral response of infected mice does not appear capable of killing surviving cysticerci. Our studies show that in vitro, AMPS severely damage the tegument and the scolex, and open a new pathway for biological drug design or the development of transgenic animals that over express these peptides capable of killing the cysticerci in vivo. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Antimicrobial peptides (Temporin A and Iseganan IB-367): Effect on the cysticerci of Taenia crassiceps
dc.type Artículo de investigación en_US
dc.identifier.idprometeo 624
dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.molbiopara.2008.12.006
dc.source.novolpages 164(2):126-130
dc.subject.wos Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
dc.subject.wos Parasitology
dc.description.index WoS: SCI, SSCI o AHCI
dc.subject.keywords Antimicrobial peptides
dc.subject.keywords Innate immunity
dc.subject.keywords Temporin A
dc.subject.keywords Iseganan IB-367
dc.subject.keywords Taenia crassiceps
dc.subject.keywords Cestoda
dc.relation.journal Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology
dc.description.Departamento Departamento de Biología Comparada

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